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Bury Them Deep (1968)

Bury Them Deep (1968) posterBandits have made off with $50,000 in Army gold. The Army wants that gold back naturally, and the mission is assigned to Capt. Norton (Craig Hill).

Norton wants to take one man along — a deserter and scoundrel named Ted Hunter, who has a date with a hangman’s noose.

The colonel of the local fort can’t pardon Hunter, but isn’t too disappointed when Norton rescues him from that noose.

Why Hunter? Well, Norton figures the bandit they are after is a man named Billy Gunn, Hunter’s brother. And Hunter has a score to settle with that brother, at least in part because of a dark-haired beauty named Pepita.

The alliance between Norton and Hunter is an uneasy one at first. But they soon learn they’d better work together. Because a Mexican bandit named Codero and his many henchmen are also after the gold.

Rating 3 out of 6Review:

Decent Spaghetti with a light-hearted score and a nice touch of humor thrown in here and there without being overdone.

If anything’s overdone, it’s the large-scale action scenes, some of which make little sense (like the barroom brawl) and others that would leave you to believe that Cordero has an absolutely endless supply of gunmen at his disposal.

Norton and Hunter are a good deal of fun in the lead roles, and find themselves on the verge of torture on a couple of occasions. One time, they’re staked out with a bowl of milk placed between them to better attract dangerous critters. At another, they’re tied to a balance beam, complete with embedded blades, all the while wearing a noose around their necks.

Norton has a nearly Houdini like method of escaping that trap.

Directed by:
Paolo Moffa
as John Byrd

Craig Hill … Capt. Norton
Ettore Manni … Ted “El Chaleco” Hunter
Giovanni Cianfriglia … Billy Gunn
as Ken Wood
Jose Greci … Pepita
Francesco Santovetti … Cordero
Luciano Doria … The Colonel
Alberto Bucchi … Sheriff
Giuseppe Sorrentino … Jim “Double Whiskey”

All’ultimo sangue
To the Last Drops of Blood
To the Last Drop of Blood

Score: Nico Fidenco

Runtime: 98 min.

Memorable lines:

Pepita, after Billy has gunned down an innocent husband and wife: “Why?”
Billy: “Why not?”

Hunter, with a rope around his neck as he tries to balance himself on a beam embedded with blades: “”Life’s kinda funny, isn’t it? No matter what I do, I wind up with my neck being stretched.”


One of Jose Greci’s first roles was an uncredited part as the Virgin Mary in “Ben Hur” (1959). She went on to appear in a host of sword and sandal films in the early 1960s. This marked one of her last roles as an actress.

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