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Western films, from silent to today

Good for Nothing (2011)

Igne Rademeyer plays Isabella Montgomery, a young woman from England heading West to live on her uncle’s ranch after her father dies. Only she’s kidnapped by a bandit with sordid intentions, if only he could get aroused enough to carry them out.

Dragging Isabella along, he goes looking for help for his problem, visiting an American, Chinese and Indian doctor in turn. Problem is, he killed a lawman during his getaway. Now there’s a posse on his trail, led by the lawman’s brother.

And to entice others to ride along, he’s offered a double bounty on the whore who’s traveling with the wanted man.

That means that after trying repeatedly to escape from the outlaw, Isabella might need him as her protector should the posse ever catch up with them.


Hallelujah! Someone made an original, entertaining, well-acted Western.

The plot doesn’t take itself too seriously, but still manages to make you care what happens to the lead character, especially as The Man (Collen Holloway) begins to look at Isabella as more than a quick “poke.”

Among the memorable scenes: Isabella, her hands tied to the horn of a saddle, reacting as two Chinese miners grab a two-man saw to try to cut her free. Frustrated that the Chinese doctor can’t help him, The Man barges out of a house, bumps his head on the door, shoots a chicken dead, grabs the chicken for a future meal and flings the bloody bird into Isabella’s hands.

The film was made in New Zealand and is filled with wonderful scenery. There’s even a decent score. All in all, the result is a film that looks a heck of a lot more big-budget than it was. Kudos to everyone involved.

Directed by:
Mike Walls

Collen Holloway … The Man
Inge Rademeyer … Isabella Montgomery
John Pheloung … The Sheriff
Richard Thompson … Will
Toa Wakka … Medicine Man
Charles Lum … Chinese Medicine Man’
Tao Jrang … Chinese interpreter
Tody Leach … The Doc

Runtime: 92 min.

Memorable lines:

The Man: “Last horse was better.”
Isabella: “What happened to her?”
The Man: “Took her up a rocky pass, came up lame. Tried keep her alive. Tried for a long time, but rot was setting in. She was stumbling around, hurting bad. Slit her throat in the end. Couldn’t bring myself to eat her. I was hungry, too.”
Isabella sheds a tear.
The Man: “What are you crying for? It was my horse.”

The Man: “Why are your teeth so white?”
Isabella: “I clean them.”

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  1. Good for Nothing reflects on men with few words but big dedication to masculinity and their confusion as they try to navigate in a black and white world where they find shades of grey. Cohen Holloway comes forward out of the woodwork to bring a stunning performance as the rough outlaw The Man.

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