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Western films, from silent to today

For the Taste of Killing (1966)

Posted by on Jan 31, 2018 in 1960s, Spaghetti Westerns | 0 comments

Craig Hill is Hank “Lanky” Fellows, a bounty killer with an old score to settle and a plan to get a lot richer in the...

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Have a Good Funeral, My Friend … Sartana Will Pay (1970)

Posted by on Jan 26, 2018 in 1970s | 0 comments

Gianni Garko returns for a third outing as Sartana, the black cloaked avenger who just might wind up more wealthy after doling out a...

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Tepepa (1969)

Posted by on Jan 19, 2018 in 1960s, Spaghetti Westerns | 0 comments

Tomas Milian plays Jesus Maria Moran, a revered revolutionary known as Tepepa. Problem is, he’s been captured by Col. Cascorro (Orson...

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The Fighting Fists of Shanghai Joe (1972)

Posted by on Jan 31, 2017 in 1970s, Spaghetti Westerns | 0 comments

Chen Lee plays Shanghai Joe, who travels to Texas in hopes of becoming a cowboy only to find prejudice at every turn. He’s finally...

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El Cisco (1966)

Posted by on Aug 15, 2015 in 1960s, Spaghetti Westerns | 0 comments

William Berger plays El Cisco, who escapes a hanging with an exploding cigar in the film’s opening scene, then returns to the town of...

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