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Western films, from silent to today

Escort West (1959)

Posted by on Nov 16, 2017 in 1950s | 0 comments

Victor Mature plays Ben Lassiter, a former Confederate officer traveling to Oregon with his daughter, Abbey (Reba Waters) in hopes of...

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The Savage Horde (1950)

Posted by on Aug 23, 2017 in 1950s | 0 comments

Bill Elliott is Ringo, a notorious gunman on the run from the law and the U.S. cavalry because he gunned down a drunken officer in...

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Gun Brothers (1956)

Posted by on Aug 1, 2017 in 1950s | 0 comments

Retired cavalry officer Chad Santee (Buster Crabbe) heads to Laramie for a reunion with his brother Jubal (Neville Brand). He figures...

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Oklahoma Annie (1951)

Posted by on Jul 14, 2017 in 1950s | 0 comments

Judy Canova is the owner of a general store where few customers pay with cash and, as a result, she’s falling behind on the...

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The Big Bonanza (1944)

Posted by on Jan 15, 2017 in 1940s | 0 comments

Richard Arlen plays Jed Kilton, a Union captain falsely accused of cowardice and court-martialed. He heads West to Nevada Springs to check...

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Old Los Angeles (1948)

Posted by on Jun 18, 2016 in 1940s | 0 comments

Bill Elliott is Bill Stockton, who heads to California with buddy Sam Bowie (Andy Devine) to run a gold mine with his brother. But he...

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Montana Belle (1952)

Posted by on Jun 15, 2016 in 1950s | 0 comments

Jane Russell plays Belle Starr, who’s been rescued from the gallows by lovestruck Bob Dalton (Scott Brady). He takes her back to a...

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The Last Stagecoach West (1957)

Posted by on Dec 13, 2015 in 1950s | 0 comments

The railroad comes to Cedar City, putting stage line operator Rand McCord (Victor Jory) out of business. Before long, the railroad is hit...

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The Desperado (1954)

Posted by on Dec 11, 2015 in 1950s | 0 comments

Jimmy Lydon and Rayford Barnes play friends Tom Cameron and Ray Novak, Texans forced to buckle under as carpetbaggers control the state....

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Rock Island Trail (1950)

Posted by on Dec 11, 2015 in 1950s | 0 comments

Forrest Tucker is Reed Loomis, who believes the railroad will transform transportation as the nation pushes West. Bruce Cabot is Kirby...

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