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Western films, from silent to today

The Cowboy from Brooklyn (1938)

Cowboy from Brooklyn (1938)Dick Powell plays Elly Jordan, part of a down-on-their-luck three-man music group headed to California with hopes of making it in movies.

They’re booted off their train near a dude ranch, where pretty Jane Hardy (Priscilla Lane) tries to make them feel at home.

Soon, a talent agent named Roy Chadwick shows up, discovers Elly, renames him Wyoming Steve Gibson and hustles him back East when he’s billed as a real singing cowboy.

But Elly has one big problem; he’s petrified of animals. That made the dude ranch a pretty frightening place.

And it’s makes the trip back East even worse when word gets out that he might not really be a cowboy, forcing him to prove otherwise by riding a bronc and wrestling a steer.

Rating 3 out of 6Review:

Predictable, but also genuinely funny in spots — like when a doctor tries to hypnotize Steve and winds up hypnotizing the talent agent and his father as well.

Ronald Reagan appears in an early role as Chadwick’s assistant.

Dick Powell as Elly Jordan and Priscilla Lane as Jane Hardy in Cowboy from Brooklyn (1938)Directed by:
Lloyd Bacon

Dick Powell … Elly Jordan
aka Wyoming Steve Gibson
Pat O’Brien … Roy Chadwick
Priscilla Lane … Jane Hardy
Dick Foran … Sam Thorne
Ann Sheridan … Maxine Chadwick
Johnnie Davis … Jeff Hardy
Ronald Reagon … Pat Dunn
Emma Dunn … Ma Hardy
Granville Bates … Pop Hardy
James Stephenson … Professor Landis
Hobert Cavanaugh … Pops Jordan
Elisabeth Risdon … Mrs. Jordan
Dennie Moore … Abby Pitts
Rosella Towne … Panthea Landis
May Boley … Mrs. Krinkenheim

Runtime: 77 min.

Song: “Ride Tenderfoot Ride” at 17 min.

Memorable lines:

Pop Hardy: “Darnit, Ma, I’ve been walking around with this contraption between my legs for 20 minutes. Now it ain’t my fault if I spent 20 years of my life in a saddle and ain’t bow-legged.”

Jane: “Say, you’re late for your lesson.”
Elly: “Yeah, a couple chickens had me cornered by the barn down there.”
Jane: “Cornered?”
Elly: “Yeah, I was on the way up and come around the barn and there was those darn-gone chickens and they wouldn’t let me by.”
Jane: “Too bad you don’t carry a gun, you could have shot your way out.”
Elly: “Now heck Jane, that’s nothing to kid a fellow about. You should have seen the dirty looks they were giving me.”

Pat: “Now, look Roy, are we gonna die laying down?”
Roy: “Somebody figure out a new way to do it.”

Jane, checking out a photo of Elly’s new girlfriend: “From the looks of that dress she’s wearin’, I reckon she oughta be able to cure you of being shy of animals.”

Pop Hardy: “You sure came up in the world.”
Ma Hardy: “I’d say. This is the top floor.”

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